Wax Melt Care


Luxury, fine fragrances blended by hand with sustainably sourced soy wax to create a blissful home aroma. Delicately finished with dried botanicals, a divine way to instantly fragrance your home.

Place one Samalanah wax melt in the top of your wax melt warmer. Light a small, unscented 4 hour tea light underneath or simply turn on your electric warmer. The wax will warm up and fill your home with beautiful, long lasting fragrances.

Each wax melt will last for approximately up to 16 hours.

Unlike a candle, the wax will not burn away. Therefore, simply change your melt when it no longer smells as strong as you would like. Do not add new melts to the existing wax, as this will dilute the strength of the new melt.

To replace your wax melt, simply light a tea light inside your burner for 30-60 seconds (or turn on your electric warmer for 30-60 seconds) and gently apply pressure on the edge of the wax until it pops out.

Ensure your burner is completely dry before the next use.